Thursday, January 2, 2014

Black Relationships (Fustrated Men/Angry Women)

I decided to write this after watching a documentary about Black men going to Brazil to find "love" ( or cheap sex take your pick)What I do know is that there is a sad & viscous dynamic between Black men & Black women. Both have been pitted against the other since slavery. During slavery Blacks were breed & a "buck" would impregnate as many women as he could. A male slaves wife could be raped by the master or other White at any time. Slave RapeCenturies of this have damaged Black relationships to this day. Black women have had to become stronger & more independent due to their mates inability to provide & protect them & their off spring. Black men learned to objectify Black women & run from responsibility in the face of situations & circumstances he could not control. The way many Black men have kids with several different women & many seem not to care about the offspring is a byproduct of the Buck mentality when the slave master would force the buck to breed with a female slave & eventually sell off the children. Male slaves had to learn to become detached from his offspring due to the fact his child could be sold off at any time. Child ripped from mothers arms and soldThe Black man has been the direct victim of White Supremacists oppression & over the hundreds of years of this the Black woman has had to become stronger due to the absence of Black male support. Due to systemic racism & oppression Black males cant or have found it hard to become the bread winner or be the "Man" of the house. Over the decades after slavery many the Dehuminization of Black womenBlack males have taken their frustration out on Black women in various ways (physical abuse, emotional abuse etc) Black women have developed a defense mechanism towards Black men & this is that attitude many project when dealing with Black men. Successful Black men wish to be treated like the brother in the documentary says "the man he knows he is" Black women perhaps even subconsciously are still in defense mode & still displaying the strength & independence she has needed to survive over the centuries without a man’s full support. Brazilian woman who many are decedents of African slaves also have a different attitude towards men because Brazilian slaves maintained more of their original African culture. American slaves were fully stripped of their culture. Im not making excuses Im just giving my observation of a phenomenon that needs to be fixed. I also recognize that there are a myriad of other influences that effect Black male and female attitudes towards relationships. The women’s liberation and feminist movement and the independent rebellious attitude towards the status quo displayed by many American women in general plays a part in how Black women respond to and treat Black men also. I love Black women but I know how the brothers in the documentary feel. Ive felt like saying F@!$ Black chicks Im ordering Chinese or Italian tonight. Only my incredible strong and deep attraction to Black women have kept me primarily dating Black women. For now I have simply chosen to deal & work through a sisters attitude in hope we can heal each other because I understand when we bump heads most of the time the root cause can be traced to slavery & systemic racism. I refuse to let Willie Lynch, nefarious government agencies and its agents or anyone else break me & the love of American Black women apart. Black men need to recognize the pain Black women feel and recognize we do need to prove ourselves to be a partner who won’t leave them alone to pay rent & raise kids by their selves. Black women need to recognize when they have a good man that is worthy of not only her love but her respect.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dealing with daily Racism/When is it racism and when is it not?

African Americans unfortunately have the baggage of slavery and oppression in America and through out the world. We have been looked down on and despised by nearly every other race on this planet. This is a heavy burden to bare. Due to the oppression we suffer in America many Blacks stuck in a poverty cycle have resorted to crime. This is yet another stigma that Blacks now suffer as a whole which is the "every Black is a thief" syndrome. Due to this syndrome many Blacks are viewed suspiciously by others. Many of us (especially the males) are followed by security or staff when shopping. When many of us try to gain employment we are looked over by White employers even when we are qualified. A continuous barrage of such discrimination has made many of African Americans quite sensitive. I'll admit there have been times when I felt i was being treated in a discriminatory way only to find out it was a miss understanding. However I stress all most daily I am hit with some form of discrimination. When ever I enter a store or when ever I drive my car. Today I went to a hardware store to get some keys copied. As I spoke with the female clerk her male co-worker came into the area fixing the surrounding items on the shelves. I left and came back to pick up my order. As i entered a white patron was being rang up and the male staff person was no where to be seen. When it was my turn to pick up my package he pops up gain fixing items on the shelf making his presence known. Was this racism..hell Im not even gonna say but what ever it was it was rude. Other races cant imagine going through ones life being treated in this fashion. It gives reason to why many Blacks have that "attitude". It like a defence mechanism. Its basically saying "I know you don't like me so im going to treat you rudely off bat before you get a chance to insult me with some racist,bias or discriminatory action". As African Americans we need to learn to deal with situations like this in a far more constructive manner. For Whites and others you must realise this society has a ling way to go before things are actually "equal"

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Rabbit & The Scorpion

I was speaking to a youngster who was being bullied by someone bigger than him and I asked, "who was bigger? The rabbit or the scorpion?" He answered "the rabbit"?. I then asked when the wolf hunts who would he pray on first the rabbit or the scorpion? He answered again "the rabbit" So I pointed out even though the scorpion is smaller than the rabbit the wolf steers clear of the scorpion. He knows the scorpion will sting him even if he manages to kill it. This is the same with bullies and predators on the street. I told the young man - "He must be the Scorpion"

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Building on True Science

Ive been building on Supreme Wisdom for over 30 years. When I say Supreme Wisdom I talking about the light of truth which I have pursued on my own not something I was showed by a small few and now am regurgitation as if it is gospel. I grow tired of reading blogs or watching YouTube videos of brothers and sisters who hart is in the right place but match the White mans false hoods and misconceptions of equally erroneous misconceptions of their own. We do not have to claim that every thing is Black to be proud. Yes we created civilization,yes the original Egyptians,Sumerians,Colchians and many other ancient peoples were what we would regard as Black today. If we are not sure of something we must state that this is a theory such as Cleopatra being Black. She was descended from a Greek dynasty called the Ptolemy's. Still the dynasty was in Egypt for several centuries and thus she could have been mixed with the blood of the native populace. She may have looked like Alicia Keys or Mariah Carey but we simply do not know but the historical evidence points to her being or at least looking Caucasian. Also the Yakub story. like yo if you believe that literally you bugging. Its a symbolic story at most. White people are a product of the ice age as are most people of a lighter pigment. The Ice Age is also why our hair became frizzy. In Africa the Ice Age caused the land to become not only hot but dry. Over the thousands of years this lead to Europeans becoming White,Asians Yellow and many Black Africans hair to become "woolly" See I believe in true-story not his-story or my-story but the truth. When something is espoused it needs to be able to stand up to academic scrutiny. Even in mainstream History things are constantly being rewritten due to new evidence. We as African Americans no longer have the need to believe in the fantastical

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fuck trying to be perfect.....

I like many people have a habit of beating my self up. Its amazing all of the negative thoughts we can muster against ourselves. Lately i've been trying to counteract the negative thoughts with positive affirmations. Also ive sat back and reflected on why I am so hard on my self. I am a high achiever. I have high goals set for my self and I hold my self to rediculously high standards. Ive told my self I need to stop doing this. I need to stop holding my self to this "SuperMan" standard. At my age I find it amazing Im continueing to grow. I guess that is a good thing but one kinda thinks that after you've passed 3 decades of existance on Earth you should be in a Swami/Guru all enlightned mind set,then again thats me with that extremely high bar set. I've heard Oprah say she really did'nt have a grip on it all untill she was 42. If thats the case I've got a few years to go before I reach enlightenment. The good thing about the way I push myself is that I keep striving and the work I do do is of high quality.The bad thing is the way I beat my self up when I fumble or fall. Its not that I make the same mistakes persay but lately I've fumbled in areas that I realy should have been more proactive in dealing with. I've fumbled in areas that I know better. Its a trip how life is. All we can do is keep struggling. Keep pushing & continue to grow. I guess if we are lucky we will never stop growing.