Saturday, September 25, 2010

Building on True Science

Ive been building on Supreme Wisdom for over 30 years. When I say Supreme Wisdom I talking about the light of truth which I have pursued on my own not something I was showed by a small few and now am regurgitation as if it is gospel. I grow tired of reading blogs or watching YouTube videos of brothers and sisters who hart is in the right place but match the White mans false hoods and misconceptions of equally erroneous misconceptions of their own. We do not have to claim that every thing is Black to be proud. Yes we created civilization,yes the original Egyptians,Sumerians,Colchians and many other ancient peoples were what we would regard as Black today. If we are not sure of something we must state that this is a theory such as Cleopatra being Black. She was descended from a Greek dynasty called the Ptolemy's. Still the dynasty was in Egypt for several centuries and thus she could have been mixed with the blood of the native populace. She may have looked like Alicia Keys or Mariah Carey but we simply do not know but the historical evidence points to her being or at least looking Caucasian. Also the Yakub story. like yo if you believe that literally you bugging. Its a symbolic story at most. White people are a product of the ice age as are most people of a lighter pigment. The Ice Age is also why our hair became frizzy. In Africa the Ice Age caused the land to become not only hot but dry. Over the thousands of years this lead to Europeans becoming White,Asians Yellow and many Black Africans hair to become "woolly" See I believe in true-story not his-story or my-story but the truth. When something is espoused it needs to be able to stand up to academic scrutiny. Even in mainstream History things are constantly being rewritten due to new evidence. We as African Americans no longer have the need to believe in the fantastical

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