Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why Blacks Dont TIP?

This is in responce to RK Byers take on the whole why Blacks dont tip phenomena...

Man RK is so faaaaarrr fuggin left feild its unbelievable. RK tried to get a little to deep,a little to analytical with is reasoning behind blacks not tipping. 1st of all I tip all of the time and I tip well. This is because I am aware of the stereotype that we do not tip. In my analysis the primary reasons many Black people do not tip are:
A.) Many Blacks are poor and or come from economically impoverished back grounds. White,Black,Brown,etc,Poor people don't tip.
B.) Many Blacks still have that "Whitey owes me something" attitude and this transfers over into the whole not- tipping phenom.
C.) This last reason ties into the 1st. Due to Blacks economical impoverishment culturally we have not been taught to tip and we look upon people in the service industry as simply doing their job. Why would you tip someone for doing their job? This is the logic.

RK Byers should be ashamed of even considering self hate has anything to do with the "Blacks not tipping" phenom. Im reading Byers take on this and Im like "wow" "really? Brother man is way off target on this one. What I will agree with is that Blacks on a whole need to learn the etiquette of tipping. Its the thing to do. When i receive bad service i do the same as Byers spoke of doing, I leave a obviously small tip in protest to the terrible service but I all ways tip.

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