Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Funy Style ass people...

I KNOW TOO MANY PEOPLE,DONT NEED TO KNOW ANY MORE & CAN STAND TO FORGET SOME...#Random There are Glass Mirrored panels in the lobby of the ICAN building I work in. I'll admit I have a habit of looking in them checking my self while I wait for the elavator. One day while doing this I looked in the reflection and saw the lady in the upstairs office making the ugliest face while watching me. Ever since I dont say anything to her. I mean the look on her face was UGLY. I just seen her in the hall way & she was all mugged up. Im like you funny style ass bitch,Why should I smile & say hello to some one who behind my back could twist they face up towards me like that. I could see her laffin or shakin her dayum head but that look was not cool,i survived the most treacherous shyt in OC projects by reading muthafuckaz & if somebody looked at me like that back in the day,id be all in they grill. Today i just ignore they ass. Like I said before,....I know too many people,dont need to know any more & can stand to forget sum.

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