Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On todays music n ebonics

This was a comment i posted on Face Book...i felt i was droppin' sum real shyt so i have reposted it here.

Man u gotta love Davey's timeline...i beleive in using ebonics to teach standard english. you gotta meet a kid where they are at just as one would use spanish to teach an immigrant latino english ("Happy Cinco De Mayo" by the way) Also languauge is constantly influx. This is even more so true today. What is slang or ebonics now may become accepted ... See Moreas standard english in the future-ie: paddywagon-formerly a insult used towards Irish Americans,currently the word for a police wagon. As for radio's play list I am a MC a MC who uses explicit vocab & my music is for adults. certain things should not be aired during primetime & early just should'nt

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